About Us

Ozvest is a family-owned property investment company that rents homes in the Southwest.   We are self-funded and control our own financial destiny – not the banks.  We have high business ethics and strive to be a good landlord who gains your confidence.  Our aim is to provide good family-friendly homes and have good tenants who respect our properties.

John Cosco, CEO

I’ve been a property investor for over 30 years and have built up a solid portfolio of rental properties.  I have a reputation as being a good landlord.  I listen and I learn – experience matters.  My business philosophy is “think long-term.”  The Southwest is a good home rental market and I’m happy to be here.

Andy Cosco, Operations Manager

I’ve been a builder for 20 years and my hands have the calluses to prove it.  I like to build things and I understand what tenants want in a home.  My business philosophy is “Measure twice, cut once.”

Mark Maydahl, CFO

I have been a Real Estate agent for over 20 years and most of my clients are now my friends.  Living in San Diego, I like to play golf and surf. I understand the Southwest and I understand people.  My business philosophy is “be honest and we all have a responsibility to be cordial and decent to one another.”

Mike Stubbs, Technology & Applications

My focus is using the latest technology to ensure Ozvest has the tools to make the landlord-tenant relationship simple and efficient.   Both parties have to be on the same page, and communication is the key.  My business philosophy is “be productive.”

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